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The “Baltic MSP Forum” was the final conference of the PartiSEApte project. It took place in Riga on 17-18 June 2014.

There was a huge interest in the “hot topic” of MSP. About 200 participants from all over the Baltic Sea Region and beyond attended the meeting. Plenary sessions and workshops focussed on

  • Results from the PartiSEApate project and other MSP pilot projects
  • MSP Governance Framework for the Baltic Sea Region
  • MSP developments in different countries
  • Blue Growth” and sector perspectives on MSP
  • Data & research
  • Methodological considerations and lessons learned of enhancing cooperation & consultation processes on different levels, on public participation and stakeholder involvement

At the conference, planners, decision-makers, representatives of sectors, researchers and other experts discussed controversially, but constructively in plenary sessions and workshops as well was informally during breaks. These fruitful discussions were what made the “Baltic MSP Forum” a big success as it made an important contribution to realizing the conference motto: creating common understanding.


If you want to learn more about the MSP conference, please click on the session your are interested in to access session summaries, powerpoint presentations as well as video recordings of workshops .


Day 1

Day 2

Video recording of plenary sessions (day 1)

Part 1

Part 2