Workshop: Aquaculture / New Uses of Marine Resources

A forward looking MSP requires that sufficient space be kept available for possible new types of marine uses. Projects like SUBMARINER, AQUABEST and AQUAFIMA analysed the potential of new marine resource uses such as reed for bioenergy, algae and mussel cultivation, fish mariculture, and wave energy. This workshop aimed to identify the spatial planning implications of those new uses, i.e. overall space needed, specific locations, and conflicts and synergies with other uses.

Date: April 15-16, 2013
Location: Gdansk, Poland
Host: Maritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG)
Contact: Joanna Przedrzymirska
 (+48 607 863 588), Iwona Rakowska (+48 507 832 426)
Downloads: Agenda, Workgroup questionsSummary report of the workshop


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