Cross-sectoral Workshops

PartiSEApate round table: Maritime Spatial Planning and aquaculture in the Baltic Sea

Date: 28 August 2014
Location: Word Maritime University, Citadellsvägen 29, Malmö
Host: Region Skåne
Downloads: Agenda, Workshop report

On 28 August 2014, a round table on aquaculture and MSP was hosted by Region Skåne. This event tackled the problem of licensing procedures, compliance to environmental regulations and resulting bottlenecks and possible solutions in the context of MSP. Mussel and fish aquaculture were discussed separately.



Resolving of Sea Use Conflicts in the Baltic Sea and Opportunities provided by a transnational MSP Perspective

Date: 10 April 2014
Location: Hotel East, St Pauli, Hamburg, Germany
Host: Federal Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency
Downloads: Agenda,  Workshop report

The main goal of the workshop was to organise horizontal interaction between sea use sectors about synergies & conflicts and to discuss the opportunities and related governance processes in transnational Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

The workshop represented the second stage of stakeholder involvement after a series of single-sector workshops organised by the PartiSEApate project during 2013. Participants with different backgrounds (nature protection/environment, fisheries, offshore wind, shipping and ports) identified joint future opportunities as well as looked for solutions to possible conflicts for specific cases. The conclusions drawn from this workshop feed into the MSP Transnational Governance model, which is one of the major project outputs.