Logo Baltic MSP Forum_abgeschnittene Ränder2Plenary: Audience discussion “Are we prepared for MSP?” & Book launch

Moderator: Jacek Zaucha, Maritime Institute in Gdànsk

Summary of results

_MG_0369Participants brainstormed on advanced as well as less advanced developments in MSP in the BSR.

MSP in the BSR is on the right track …

  • All sectors are unhappy, indication for fairness?!
  • Terrestrial and Maritime Spatial Planning are not separated
  • There is long experience in the BSR, countries not so advanced yet can learn from the frontrunners
  • Basic principles are understood
  • Actors know each other and are “on speaking terms”
  • Neutral planning is aimed at
  • Guideline for application of the ecosystem based approach are being developed
  • There are diverse approaches to MSP

MSP in the BSR is on the wrong track …

  • No clear understanding of what MSP is (more about Blue Growth or about ecosystem services?)
  • MPAs concentrate on species, not on function
  • Planning takes place for society, not yet with society
  • Insufficient learning process
  • Still sector by sector planning, instead of integrating all sectors
  • Flexible timeframes don’t have enough acceptance among planers
  • Insufficient monitoring and evaluation
  • Too much talk, not enough actions
  • Eastern Baltic region not ready for aquaculture
  • Too short timeframes

This list is an indication of what will be on the agendas of the HELCOM-VASAB Working Group as well as other national and regional bodies in the next years.

The last contested issue discussed at the first conference day was if a joint vision for the Baltic Sea is feasible or if this would require a common administration.


The first conference day was concluded with the launch of the book “The Key to Governing the Fragile Baltic Sea, MSP in the Baltic Sea Region and Way Forward” written by Jacek Zaucha.