MSP Workshop at European Maritime Day in Bremen

PartiSEApate, together with the TPEA project and the North Sea Grid Initiative carried through a stakeholder workshop at the European Maritime Day in Bremen (19th/20th May 2014). The workshop raised awareness on how MSP can serve as an instrument to stimulate sustainable growth while balancing environmental, social and economic objectives related to the sea space. The workshop focused on sharing experiences from currently ongoing transboundary maritime planning processes in four different sea areas: the Baltic Sea Region, the Algarve/Gulf of Cadiz, the East Coast/Irish Sea and the North Sea. Specifically, the workshop provided:

  • A comparative analysis of all four sea areas and transboundary initiatives
  • Specific (sea-basin) topics of relevance to be covered by transboundary planning
  • Findings on member state interaction, stakeholder involvement and governance processes.
Click here to find more information on the workshop on the homepage of the European Maritime Day.