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Recommendations for the future MSP Governance in the Baltic Sea Region

The overarching ambition of the PartiSEApate project was to develop a MSP Governance Model for the Baltic Sea Region, which provides recommendations on how cross-border consultations as well as pan-Baltic cooperation on MSP should be organised in the Baltic Sea Region. The model is elaborated in the MSP Governance Framework report, which builds on the findings of all PartiSEApate project activities as well as the survey results of more than 50 interviews with sector representatives and MSP governance experts. The Governance model was presented and discussed at the Baltic MSP Forum. Furthermore, it serves as a recommendation to the HELCOM-VASAB Working Group on MSP for developing guidelines on transnational cooperation and consultations as well as on public participation. Please download the full report and the flyer.


Synthesis report on pan-Baltic Stakeholders’ Dialogue on MSP

In the course of the PartiSEApate project, representatives from different sectors (aquaculture, shipping & ports, nature conservation & environment, fishery, offshore wind energy, underwater cultural heritage, climate change, research and data network building) were invited to workshops, in order to discuss MSP-related issues in the Baltic Sea relevant to their sector. The workshops were carried out and evaluated on the basis of a harmonized methodology. Findings from these single-sector workshops were compiled in a synthesis report. Please click on the links to access the synthesis report and the flyer. These documents can also be found on the project website along with further PartiSEApte publications.


PartiSEApate round table: Maritime Spatial Planning and aquaculture in the Baltic Sea

Malmö, 28 August 2014

On 28 August 2014, a round table on aquaculture and MSP will be hosted by Region Skåne. This event tackles the problem of licensing procedures, compliance to environmental regulations and resulting bottlenecks and possible solutions in the context of MSP. Mussel and fish aquaculture will be discussed separately. Please download the agenda and click here for further information.


Creating common understanding at the Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum

The Baltic MSP Forum was the final conference of the PartiSEApte project. It took place in Riga on 17-18 June 2014. About 200 planners, decision-makers, representatives of sectors, researchers and other experts from all over the Baltic Sea Region and beyond came together to discuss the following MSP-relevant issues in plenary sessions and workshops:

• Results from the PartiSEApate project and other MSP pilot projects

• MSP Governance Framework for the Baltic Sea Region

• MSP developments in different countries

• Blue Growth” and sector perspectives on MSP

• Data & research

• Methodological considerations and lessons learned of enhancing cooperation & consultation processes on different levels, on public participation and stakeholder involvement

The conference was video recorded. Please find the recordings as well as session summaries and Powerpoint presentations here and download the Baltic MSP Forum report.